Kayla Kelly

Kalya Kelly

Creative Design Intern

Kayla is a graphic designer, photographer, and all around creative. Her passions lie in creating visual communications that are intuitive, meaningful, and tell compelling stories.  She believes an expertise in design and photography make a dynamic duo as the foundation for visual content creation. This led her towards her current pursuit of working on her Master’s Degree in Graphic Design and Visual Experience through the Savannah College of Art and Design.

At Design for People, Kayla creates social media campaigns, designs style guides for mobile apps and websites, and refreshes branding and marketing materials.

Residing in the beautiful Bozeman, Montana, Kayla finds inspiration all around her. When she’s not getting creative at work, you can find her painting. She also spends her time teaching local yoga classes, or hanging out in the mountains and rivers skiing, paddle boarding or adventuring with her dog.