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The George Washington University

Face the Facts USA was created at The George Washington University, Washington, DC as a voter engagement initiative to provide unbiased facts so voters could make informed decisions based on real facts, not rhetoric. The mission statement is…

To cut to the chase. To give you facts we know to be true. To show you how we know. To make facts compelling, memorable, creative – and triggers for informed debate and needed solutions.

Face the Facts USA

Facts are developed by our research team, screened by veteran editors, and verified by professional fact-checkers. The only agenda: be relevant and provocative.

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Time to Face the Facts
The facts took several different forms: mostly infographics, but they also included videos. The website was initially designed for 100 facts 100 days prior to the 2012 election then was modified to serve as a collection of engaging and informative content relative to current events. Face the Facts USA was also very active on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. Live events and debates were both exciting and informative with prominent minds on the various topics.

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