MyPBS Extranet System


Public Broadcasting Service

PBS wanted a better system to provide stations across the US the tools and support they need for daily job performance and communication with PBS headquarters. We provided user experience design for MyPBS, their extranet and primary system where information is shared that is essential to daily operations for PBS headquarters and stations across the US. My PBS is a system designed with a user-centric approach that helps boost employee engagement and streamline work processes. This approach creates a solution where employees at PBS headquarters and stations across the US can work better together every day.

The preliminary information architecture and user experience strategy direction revealed that by focusing on the programming at its core, all the cross-functional areas could tap into this core as a means to share knowledge and perform critical job functions. As the structure started to take form, we conducted a series of cross-functional interviews to further refine the needs for individual screens in the system. The user experience was designed by producing a series of wireframes to meet the individual needs and integrate with existing and future systems that were currently in development. MyPBS Groupspace was created to promote collaboration and social interaction between employees.


How do you get employees excited about switching to a new system? Infographics, of course!