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We invest in understanding your unique audiences. We map their personas, needs and probable persuasive points. The Design for People branding process results in more than a logo and color palette. As a business serving customers – and as an employer inspiring your people – your brand is your flag. A rallying point. It tells stakeholders what you stand for, where you’re going, and what role you want them to play. And our strategists, artists, and writers make your brand real.

We’ll also create and produce key media elements, from video modules and voice-over narration to copy that reflects your voice or content marketing assets like white papers.

Design for People also frames multi-channel marketing strategies for digital and print campaigns, targeting external audiences or cohorts within your organization. We use audience segmentation data to map fruitful channel strategies, design your plan, execute creative, deploy, and adjust performance to meet or exceed campaign goals.

  • Brand Identity

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Messaging

  • Vision, Mission Statements

  • Communications Strategy

  • Market Research

  • Target Audience Definition

  • Marketing Plan

  • Performance Measurement

  • Social Media

  • Video, Animation

  • Tradeshow Design

  • Scriptwriting, Speechwriting

  • Audio Narration, Voiceover

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