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Bana Solutions Brand Refresh


Bana Solutions

Bana Solutions is the next chapter in secure data access management for demanding government environments. Bana secures identities and data so agencies work more safely and efficiently. They do it with relentless focus on honest business value and strategic innovation. Bana has revolutionized technology solution delivery in the belief that federal agencies deserve partners in this space that aim for greatness.


Before our engagement with Bana, the brand was outgrown and outdated. As the company began to grow at an exponential rate, the brand needed to catch up and mature into a fresh look that reflects the energy and high caliber nature of the highly skilled staff. Bana’s messaging was very technical – fitting for a technical audience, however it was not very relatable to buyers and procurement in the Federal Government – its primary client base.

Bana Solutions sought help from Design for People to refresh their brand to support an upgraded, more consistent corporate face and voice across a spectrum of internal and external communications.

The driver for the timeline the rebrand itself along with all the tradeshow materials necessary for their tradeshow booth at USGIF’s GEOINT 2019 Symposium in San Antonio, TX with only three months till showtime.

 Project Approach and Results

Design for People utilized their proprietary techniques and resources to quickly and efficiently address pain points, differentiate it from its competitors, and provide a clear brand story. With no extra time to spare, we used a lean methodology and compressed timeline to produce a top-notch brand strategy and competitive landscape. From there we developed a brand map, master message hierarchy, key message statements and core language modules.

We learned that Ricky was inspired by from his native heritage to name his company. In the indigenous Puerto Rican language, Bana means “greatness.” Founder Ricky Berrios chose the name as a reference to the hard work required to achieve great dreams. Today an expanding Bana Solutions and its people continue to aim for greatness.

Using our empathic design approach, we created visual moodboards that capture the emotional feeling of the brand essence. These moodboards use a visual language of font, type treatment, color, textures, and imagery to express the brand.

From there, we created the logo marque and type treatment for the new Bana Solutions logo.  The new logo system is comprised of a stylized Pitirre and a friendly and modern logotype. The Pitirre is a Gray Kingbird commonly found in Puerto Rico – and is a memorable icon from the Founder’s heritage that represents exquisite skill and greatness. The new logo embodies the brand essence of greatness while embracing the brand attributes.

We developed brand guidelines to help future production of congruent collateral across all channels. This included an overview of the brand story and attributes (vision, mission, values), logo variations and specifications for usage across a wide variety of media, full color palette, typography and usage across different media, photography style, and stationary elements such as business cards, letterhead, labels, and envelopes.

A capabilities statement is one of the most important marketing pieces to capture the attention for potential leads in the Federal Government. We created a capabilities statement that introduces Bana Solutions and describes its services and approach in a way that is relatable to business leaders and procurement officer — while offering a clean, modern visual design.

We created tradeshow booth design, brand video, and printed materials for their booth at USGIF’s GEOINT 2019 Symposium in San Antonio, TX. The Bana Solutions tradeshow booth was voted best of the GEOINT 2019 Conference by their peers.

Bana Solutions Website
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Bana Solutions Website

The team at Bana Solutions is excited to have a new website that better reflects their top-notch, high quality capabilities and service offerings.
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