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Interjet is a leading airline based in Mexico that provides quality air travel at an affordable price. The airline had just been rebranded and all of the airplanes were revamped from the inside out. The website also needed to be updated to run on Oracle’s Endeca platform. The goal for the redesign was to improve user engagement and usability and drive sales while switching to an entirely new platform.


There were many unique challenges for the new website involving both design and technical. Along with the rebrand there were strategic initiatives to promote the vacation, tours, and travel services and partners. Client meetings were held at the Mexico City Airport where we had the opportunity to tour the new jets and meet the airline staff. It had the added benefit of working with a diverse team from Mexico City, Toronto, and Washington DC. Meetings were spoken in Spanish and English. The website had several different systems that needed to work together – one that calculated airline price, another for booking passengers, etc. The complexity of the backend needed to invisible to the user and have a consistent user experience so people could easily book their airline tickets and seats.

Project Approach and Results

In collaboration with Interjet and RealDecoy, we designed Interjet’s new website. It was designed to be displayed in Spanish or English, depending on the user’s browser setting for language. Language was translated by a content writer and provided through the CMS platform rather than using an automated translator like Google Translate. During the design process, design comps were provided in Spanish because that was the preferred language of the primary audience and for the client. We worked with technical and marketing teams to bridge the new brand, strategic initiatives, and the new platform altogether into one engaging experience.

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