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Theon Technology


Theon Technology

Theon is a startup founded in 2020 with a mathematical algorithmic breakthrough in cryptography that makes it scalable for enterprise. Theon Technology is transforming data security with a paradigm shift in random number generation. Theon’s cryptography products generate high-entropy, quantum-resistant keys at scale. Their SaaS utilizes quantum-resistant patented algorithms that deliver on the promise of a truly scalable, commercially viable, enterprise ready, One Time Pad inspired security without the need for specialized hardware.

With the upcoming threat from quantum computing to decrypt and parse data from organizations, national security, and personal data that’s been collected or mined without strong encryption, the need for this cryptography is becoming more important every day.


The mathematical and highly technical nature of the products and service offering is not only difficult to explain to a non-technical audience but it’s also challenging to warn executives that the upcoming threat from quantum computing is closer than many anticipate. Our challenge is to explain why this level of cryptography is important and how it works to c-suite executives in a way that is enlightening and doesn’t come across as too technical or alarmist.

Project Approach and Results

Theon engaged Design for People to help them connect with their target audience of c-suite executives and CISOs, explain their value proposition,  and demonstrate thought leadership. We started with an audit of their website that provided recommendations for improving messaging and engagement. We scripted and produced a video with Dr. Eric Cole, a thought leader in cybersecurity and supported production for his vlog. We also created their explainer video, user experience designs for the encryption/decryption software, and a series of eBooks that uncover and explain the state of cryptography today, the challenge that Theon solves, and how it works in a way that people can understand.


We created a series of eBooks that explain the problem with cryptography today and the Theon solution.

Theon Video

We created a short explainer video of Theon and the value they bring to their clients.

Dr. Eric Cole Video

Theon’s advisory cybersecurity expert explains the benefits of Theon’s cryptography.

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