What is empathic design? Our idea of a movement – our creative, passionate response to everything that’s gone awry with digital design.

It’s an aesthetic. A point of view that says: We empathize with what people want, and we deliver it in resonant ways. Ways true to your brand that manufacture business value.

  • Where digital today intimidates users, we set out to give comfort.
  • Where it feels adversarial, we mean to be the user’s ally.
  • Where it disenfranchises people, we seek to empower them.

We believe when you make users comfortable, they keep coming back. And that empathy in digital work is not only the proper thing, but the profitable thing.

Empathic design informs every Design for People project. Look for it in every pixel, every comma, every creative choice. Use it to drive greater loyalty with customers. Deeper relationships with employees.

Learn more about our empathic design approach at The Empathic Design Institute.

“The best way to connect with people is to care enough to understand how they feel and what they want to accomplish.”

Erin Hunter, Founder and CEO, Design for People

Empathic design has five principles.

Branding & Creative

Online Learning

Apps & Websites

We may learn, work, buy and sell at a distance, but we all want positive contact.

Design for People supplies the rarest element in digital design: a human touch in a chilly point-and-click world. We bake it into brand strategy, apps and websites,  eLearning, smart marketing and media planning, and everything you need for success.

Work that makes a difference.

Case studies of the work we’re most proud of.

One way or another they changed the ways an organization connects with people.

Build Better Lines of Connection.