Design for People is a digital agency with special proficiency in eLearning, branding, and marketing. Our unique point of difference is audience-focused, empathic design with relentless dual emphasis on optimizing the user experience and creating business value. We produce high-performance digital experiences, principally learning solutions for digital platforms, websites, and mobile apps, and the marketing campaigns to support them. We’re also branding mavens – award-winning artists and graphic designers.

Design for People serves government agencies at the federal, state, and municipal levels plus commercial clients, associations, and non-profits. Working with higher education or government agencies, we often extend an established, tightly governed brand into new environments without sacrificing recognition or consistency. We’ll design new digital experiences that respect heritage brand norms, evolve or freshen established brands, or conceive original concepts.  We’ve also produced consumer solutions in the technology, publishing, finance, healthcare, education, recruitment, operations, and lifestyle categories.

The Design for People team has combined decades of experience optimizing promotional campaigns and advertising, digital experiences, and content for a wide range of media, online training, infographics, and data visualization. Because we offer strategy, design and development, and marketing planning in one efficient package, we deliver streamlined project management with clear lines of authority and responsibility.

For our public agency clients, we harvest insights and best practices from our private sector engagements — often involving entrepreneurs, startups, or small, agile innovators — and distill them appropriately. Just as corporate IT initiatives grow more usable and valuable via consumerization, our work in the public sector benefits from our familiarity with the relentless focus on customer experience required of mission critical B2C initiatives.

By positioning empathic, people-first digital design as a pragmatic business investment, Design for People sets itself apart from the pack. Learn about our empathic design approach.

Our team members include award-winning communications strategists, user experience and content experts, graphic designers, instructional designers, video producers, and developers. Our experience is deep and diverse. Learn more about our Team.

Design for People is a woman-owned services firm founded in 2014 and headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia, with swift access to all federal offices in the National Capital Region.

SBA WOSB Certified

NAICS: 512110, 541430, 541511, 541613, 541810, 541820, 541850, 541890, 541910, 541922, 561920, 611430

VA SBSD SWaM Certified

NIGPS: 91500, 91800, 92000, 91501, 91509, 91596, 91876, 92400

Design for People operates with W2 employees, 1099 independent contractors, and specialist partners to fulfill unique project requirements.


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We may learn, work, buy and sell at a distance, but we all want positive contact.

Design for People supplies the rarest element in digital design: a human touch in a chilly point-and-click world. We bake it into brand strategy, apps and websites,  eLearning, smart marketing and media planning, and everything you need for success.

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