Design for People is a digital consultancy serving a spectrum of clients in federal, state, and city government plus associations, non-profits, commercial clients, and consumer brands. We focus on audience-driven branding, marketing, and strategic communications with relentless emphasis on optimizing the customer experience.

We are strategists, marketers, designers, and technologists who thrive on making things beautiful and easy to understand so they deliver more and better value. When we help organizations connect with their customers, and present their products or services in a way that those customers feel naturally drawn to, everybody benefits.

Our unique point of difference is our empathetic, people-centric approach, coupled with a strategic focus on expressing brand value and integrity.

The Design for People team has combined decades of experience optimizing promotional campaigns and advertising, digital experiences, and content for a wide range of media, online training, infographics, and data visualization. We specialize in creating brand identities and communications that clearly represent the vision and value proposition for an organization or product. Our campaigns reach, engage and educate their target audiences, and our digital solutions are intuitive and delightful to use.

Our digital solutions include strategy, digital content, mobile apps, websites, new product innovation and minimum viable products (MVPs), web applications including intranets and extranets, online training, promotional and paid media.

By working differently and treating superior customer experience design as a pragmatic business investment, Design for People differentiates itself from the pack.

We’ve worked with globally recognized consumer brands, new product startup companies, enterprise, government, military, and non-profits. We’ve also helped consumer solutions in technology, publishing, financial, healthcare, education, recruitment, operations, and lifestyle industries.

Here are some of our amazing clients