Amy Chivavibul

Amy Chivavibul

Data Analyst & UX Designer

Amy is a dedicated data analyst and UX designer. Leveraging her systematic and creative thinking, she bridges the gap between user experience design and data. At Design for People, she collaborates with designers and leadership to create data-driven user experiences. Her technical skills include statistical programming with Python; machine learning with Python; SQL; data cleaning, manipulation, and visualization; exploratory data analysis; web scraping; Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Amy received a Bachelor of Science in Information Analysis from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. As a recent graduate, Amy is learning about emerging technology and data capabilities, such as machine learning, ChatGPT, and OpenAI. She especially enjoys using open-source datasets to answer demanding questions. During her undergrad, she worked as a Research Assistant to create quantitative insights for a university-funded project that examined the algorithmic biases within Yelp as a digital platform.

When she is not working to develop data-driven user experiences, she enjoys buying and selling second-hand clothing, weightlifting, and golfing with her family.

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