Photo of Caroline Hunter

Caroline Hunter

Copywriting Intern

Caroline is a talented copywriter. At Design for People, she helps with translating marketing research into blog posts, works with colleagues in creating e-Learning experiences, and brings a fresh perspective to our various projects.

She wrote a blog post Gen Z and The Desire for Authenticity and worked with her colleague Katherine Papadopulos in writing about Trends for 2022 in Marketing, Design & eLearning. She also helped with crafting e-Learning materials for the Capitol Visitor Center, Tanzania Education Fund, and Trinity Church Wall Street.

As a senior at the University of Colorado studying humanities and anthropology, she has a love for exploring the many facets of the human experience. When she’s not writing or helping with marketing research you can find her hiking Boulder’s beautiful flatirons, watching a movie at the local arthouse theater, browsing the farmers market, or at the coffee shop with her friends!