Photo of Casper Voogt

Casper Voogt

Technical Project Manager, Lead Developer, CMS Expert

Casper is a web project manager with design and development experience, especially in open-source content management systems. His unique blend of skills and insights has helped organizations and companies build their marketing presence.

Casper brings more than 20 years of proven expertise in solving design and technical problems, including conceptual and visual design, web design, web development, user interface design, web analytics, and web applications development. His unique blend of skills and insights have helped countless organizations and companies build their web presence.

Casper has worked for Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, government, education, non-profits, IT companies, research / advocacy organizations, manufacturers, radio stations, TV personalities, startups and many other kinds of clients over the years. His architectural background provides him unique insights for solving problems creatively and thinking both in terms of functionality and visual design, with user experience always as the primary focus. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Architecture from Princeton University.

Technical Skills

  • LAMP development / server management (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Open-source programming, with a heavy focus on CMS systems
  • Drupal and WordPress development
  • SASS CSS coding
  • 3rd-party CRM integration: SouthWare, SalesForce, CiviCRM, iMis etc.
  • Custom extensions, template coding, and customization
  • Layout and design, using Photoshop
  • HTML & CSS template coding, conformant to W3C standards
  • Accessibility, Section 508 Compliance
  • JavaScript, jQuery, and Mootools
  • Usability testing
  • Web analytics and search engine optimization
  • Cross-browser testing

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