Erin Hunter

Erin Hunter

Founder & CEO,
Digital / Creative / UX Director

Erin is a creative director, designer, innovator, and architect of teams that foster smart, creative thinking and create award-winning work. Erin specializes in bridging intuitive, elegant user experience and creative design to complex concepts, highly technical architectures and early-stage products. Erin wanted to bring the best of design and technology together whereby using empathy people are the central focus – she created Design for People.

Erin brings over 25 years of experience to Design for People, where she leads the creation of branding, campaigns, digital learning solutions, innovative apps, websites, and content for online and offline media. She creates experiences that engage, educate and delight. She’s worked with leaders in health, learning, finance, innovation, science and technology.

For Ankura, Erin led her team of designers and front-end developer to create the user interface for their robust AI solutions. These MVPs and first version AI applications are making breakthrough advancements in AI for high performance that empowers expert management consulting services.

For Trinity Church Wall Street in New York City, she led design and development of an online Leadership Fellows program, Mission Real Estate Development, and the Difference course for the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Reconciliation Ministry.

For the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, she led eLearning strategy, employee training, and development of online modules for the public.

For Adweek and IBM Watson, she created animated microlearning for marketing professionals that shows how artificial intelligence can be used in advertising and the creative process. She directed the creation of a series of engaging online training courses in emergency management for WMATA (Washington Area Metropolitan Transportation Authority)

For AARP, Erin led the user experience strategy for the newly elevated channel for Family Caregiving. The new digital experience helps empower caregivers with information and resources as they take care of their loved ones.

For Food and Drug Food and Drug Administration Center for Tobacco Products, Erin directed the digital and creative work for the nation’s first public awareness campaign for the prevention smokeless tobacco use. The campaign was geo-targeting for rural youth.

For the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, she led the brand refresh and design for their mobile and web apps, including Nexus, a crowd-sourced learning/performance support portal for neurosurgeons.

For The George Washington University, she directed the user experience and creative design for website and infographics for Face the Facts USA, an election-year voter engagement initiative.

Erin has won Telly, Web Marketing Association, GovTek, Webby, Forbes Best of the Web, Omni, Brandon Hall, and Horizon awards.

Erin learned the excitement of bringing new products to market when she started her career at Rosetta Stone in its early product days. She has experience with and an affinity for technical innovation and early-stage start-ups. Erin holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cum Laude with Distinction, from James Madison University.

Erin has mentored students in the Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Mentorship program at The George Washington University School of Business. When she’s not delighting clients and bringing in new work, she enjoys being with her amazing family, biking, practicing yoga, and dreaming of her next big adventure.

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