Saya Cox

Saya (Cox) Hart

UX/UI Designer

Saya is a dedicated UX/UI Designer committed to creating accessible and user-centric digital experiences. At Design for People, she blends aesthetics with functionality to translate complex concepts into intuitive and meaningful designs. Her collaborative and empathetic approach ensures that the needs of both users and clients are at the forefront of her work.

She has a diverse range of project experience spanning the direction of B2B, B2B2C, and educational technology initiatives, demonstrating her adaptability and expertise across different sectors. She finds herself easily immersed in the work and is a strong believer in continuously seeking understanding and knowledge to better create products that are both valuable and engaging.

Saya earned her Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Utah Valley University where she studied Music, Japanese, and Psychology. She is fluent in Japanese.

When she’s not designing, you’ll find her roaming the mountains of Alaska with her family, drumming in the local Japanese taiko group, or reading a good book in the presence of her two cats.

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