Shelby Tanase

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Shelby is a talented graphic designer and illustrator. Her creativity shines through her designs, illustrations and infographics. At Design for People, she creates visual designs, provides layout and design for marketing materials, and produces eLearning courseware. Her sense of design and creativity delights audiences and clients alike.

Shelby brings eight years experience to Design for People where she designs visually compelling marketing materials and creates engaging eLearning courseware. Her favorite design application is Adobe Illustrator and Articulate Storyline.

Shelby designs graphics and animations for interactive, engaging eLearning, and online and offline media. Her visual designs repertoire includes graphics, logos, moodboards, color palettes, infographics and data visualizations for presentations and marketing campaigns on a wide variety of digital and print media.

For WMATA’s Office of Emergency Management, Shelby created engaging graphics and animations for a series of engaging computer-based training courses. For the Congress of Neurological Surgeons and MBO Partners, she designed graphics and layouts for corporate marketing and advertising campaigns. For Inter-American Development Bank she produced a bi-monthly wellness email campaign in English and Spanish for employees and contractors. She designed graphics for several brand refresh clients including Bana Solutions, Triage Group, and Many Hands. For The George Washington University, she designed event promotions for Face the Facts USA.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Washington. She along with her teammates won the Urban Forest Project for designing street banners that adorned the light posts in Washington, DC.

When she’s not creating amazing designs, she enjoys spending time with her family, enjoying exquisite Bolivian cuisine, and watching animated shows. She has a special affinity for Sonic the Hedgehog. Her motto is to live life in the moment, enjoying both the extraordinary and simple moments in life.