Tom Farmer

Tom Farmer

Lead Communications Strategist

A former CNN executive and veteran communications consultant, brand strategist, and author, Tom forges an organization’s views and goals into compelling storylines that win influence and demonstrate staying power. He’s worked with eminent figures in finance and investing, technology and cybersecurity, higher education, and philanthropy on message development, presentations, and writing projects. With a nationally known Internet pioneer, Tom wrote the 2020 book Bombarded: How to Fight Back Against the Online Assault on Democracy, and op-eds by Tom have appeared on, Politico, the UK Telegraph, and The Christian Science Monitor credited to client bylines.

Current or recent clients include Microsoft, CFA Institute, Expo 2020 Dubai, Kent State University, Visa, WMATA (Washington Area Metropolitan Transportation Authority), and Board Level Partners UK. He’s developed interactive projects for National Geographic and a walk-through digital visitors’ center for AT&T.

Tom directed Face the Facts USA, an election-year voter engagement initiative, for The George Washington University, and is customer council chairman for PlayMakerIQ, a startup bringing a mobile e-learning platform to market.

A broadcast news career preceded Tom’s work in corporate communications. He was a CNN executive and editorial supervisor and served as senior Washington, DC supervising producer and executive producer of Larry King Live. Earlier he was an anchorman and reporter in New England local television news.

Tom has won Peabody, CableACE, Telly, and Cicero Speechwriting awards and written for the Harvard Business Review. He’s lectured in the University of Washington’s Digital Media Program and at the University of Massachusetts Isenberg School of Management. He earned a degree in government from Dartmouth College.