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Trinity Leadership Fellows

Trinity Leadership Fellows


Trinity Church Wall Street

The Trinity Leadership Fellows program is for individuals seeking to deepen their faith-inspired and values-driven mindsets and skills needed to effectively lead organizations and serve communities in contemporary society, while also building lifelong, supportive peer and mentoring relationships. After a weeklong, in-person seminar at Trinity Church Wall Street in NYC, fellows engage in live online learning sessions with leading scholars and experts on core competencies for effective leadership throughout the year. These include courses on adaptive leadership, conflict transformation, change management, church and non-profit management, and social entrepreneurship, all taught from a faith perspective and informed by individual fellows’ discernment exercises and formation goals.

Trinity’s Mission Real Estate Development online course design and production is also underway on a parallel track.

Design for People was engaged to help design and produce the series of online courses on the Trinity partner learning platform Junction Education.


This is the first blended learning program of this size at Trinity Church Wall Street and, as with any new project, it’s best to learn and adapt during the project’s life cycle. The combination of instructor-led workshops, personal reflections, online courses, and live seminars created an immersive experience for learners. As designers and producers, it was our job to help it feel coherent and seamless so learners can focus on the learning, peer collaboration, and mentoring.

Project Approach and Results

The project began with meeting the program leaders at Trinity Church Wall Street to understand their vision and mission for the Church and for their new Leadership Development program.  We met with Trinity marketing leaders to ensure the new brand for the Leadership Fellows Program and the overarching Trinity brand are upheld in the courseware.

Trinity brought in several diverse and exceptional experts in various fields, including instructors from NYC, many other cities throughout the United States, and Barcelona, Spain, for a comprehensive program covering the most important topics in leadership development. It was important to Trinity that the courses be designed to highlight each instructor’s unique personality and voice.

With several courses to design for multiple instructors, our team adjusted to the varying approaches and styles to help each course shine with the personality and learning concepts of each individual instructor. Instructors met online with fellows once per week for the duration of their courses (four to six weeks). Each online course features videos of the instructor, activities, case studies, personal reflections, discussions with peers, independent readings, and Scripture.

The Leadership Fellows Program consists of the following courses:

More information about the Trinity Leadership Fellows Program, including a special message from Most Rev. Bishop Michael Bruce Curry, as well as instructor bios, can be found here:

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