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Lunar Privacy is a new company that spun off to serve the private sector from a well-established secure messaging company that serves government, defense, and intelligence agencies. They needed a new brand strategy, messaging, and visual identity plus all the tactical material needed to establish a new company’s presence.


Due to the high-profile nature of its clients and their need for utmost privacy, we are not able to publish or speak of who their clients are. This made the challenge to have appropriate messaging that speaks to an upper echelon audience somehow saying they work with the “best of the best” without divulging who their clients are.

Project Approach and Results

Design for People utilized our proprietary techniques and resources to quickly and efficiently address pain points, differentiate it from its competitors, and provide a clear brand story. We produced a top-notch brand strategy and competitive landscape. From there we developed a brand map, master message hierarchy, key message statements and core language modules.

Using our empathic design approach, we created visual moodboards that capture the emotional feeling of the brand essence. These moodboards use a visual language of font, type treatment, color, textures, and imagery to express the brand. From there, we created the logo marque and type treatment for the new logo.  The new logo embodies the brand essence while embracing the brand attributes.

We developed brand guidelines to help future production of congruent collateral across all channels. This included an overview of the brand story and attributes (vision, mission, values), logo variations and specifications for usage across a wide variety of media, full color palette, typography and usage across different media, photography style, and stationary elements such as business cards, letterhead, labels, and envelopes.

Once that was established, they needed product names, messaging a new website, eBook, and LinkedIn presence.

Lunar Website Home Page

Lunar Website Home Page

Lunar Privacy Products & Services

Lunar Privacy Products & Services

Online learning for CVCCapitol Visitor Center eLearning

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