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Adweek & IBM Watson Institute for Brand Marketing


Adweek and IBM Watson

The Institute for Brand Marketing™ is a program for marketers designed in collaboration with IBM Watson Advertising and Adweek. Offering marketers the skills they need to advance in a disruptive marketplace, the initiative will provide complimentary, interactive courses, custom research, thought leadership and live educational experiences at industry events across the country. Aimed to fill a void in the marketplace for marketers who are looking for continual learning and development, the Institute for Brand Marketing offers key learning resources that are developed to empower marketers with the strategies and knowledge to position them for success. IBM Watson Advertising builds trust between marketers, publishers, and machines.

The Institute for Brand Marketing offers courses focused on the intersection of brand marketing and technology. Offered in concise and practical lessons, courses are taught by leading experts in their fields and are designed to help learners cultivate the skills to succeed.


Learners today demand quick access to easy-to-understand content. They don’t want to sift through pages and pages of content. Adweek and IBM wanted to create engaging courses with four short animated lessons – microlearning.

Project Approach and Results

In collaboration with Adweek and IBM Watson, we created animated microlearning courses for the Institute for Brand Marketing. The two eLearning courses, “Technology in the Creative Process: How AI Can Future-Proof Your Strategy” and “Marketing in a Cookie-less World” run about ten minutes in length. Each course consists of four short lessons. Learners are presented with a narrated animation of learning concepts and followed by a short quiz and key takeaways. We call this “bite-sized” learning because it is just short enough for smaller appetites (short attention spans) of learners. This engaging type of online learning works for well for many audiences.

Technology in the Creative Process: How AI Can Future-Proof Your Strategy

The course focuses on specific ways that AI can improve the time to produce creative with intelligent asset management. After taking this course learners will be able to discuss and explain how Artificial Intelligence (or AI) can improve the efficiency of creative production for video production, graphic design and copywriting; enabling your creative teams to produce content faster, and free up more time for ideation and creative thinking. Learners will discover how to evaluate tools and service providers, that offer automation, machine learning, and other AI-based technologies to assist in the creative process.

Lessons in Technology in the Creative Process: How AI Can Future-Proof Your Strategy

Here’s a short sample of the online learning course, “Technology in the Creative Process: How AI Can Future-Proof Your Strategy”.

Marketing in a Cookie-less World

The Cookie-less world is fast approaching. What should marketers know about the new and better solutions being developed?  This course focuses on understanding the limits of cookies as a means for identifying customers and exploring new methods such as identity solutions and the significant advantages they offer for marketers and consumers. It also shows the different ways that the community is responding to the quest for solutions.

Lessons in Marketing in a Cookie-less World

Here’s a short sample of the online learning course, “Marketing in a Cookie-less World”.

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