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Chelfie is the world’s first live feedback app for apparel powered by deep learning and computer vision. With Chelfie, consumers receive instant feedback from a network of matched peers, influencers with similar styles, and in-app shopping bot. The Chelfie name originated with the popular hashtag #chelfie given to selfies taken from changing rooms to show a new outfit and help the decision-making process during shopping.

Chelfie’s parent company, Solebrity, was started in 2015 to reinvent the way consumers shop together, online and offline with a desire to make shopping fun, private, and kinder. Chelfie is more than a shopping app – it’s a movement to promote privacy, kindness, and social accountability in today’s generation of digital natives.

With the change from the former app Solebrity, Chelfie needed a brand that was relatable to it’s current user base yet also appeal to the new audience of consumers, influencers, and brands. Chelfie asked Design for People to create its new brand, design the new app, create promos for marketing and funding initiatives, and help with in-app communications announcing the transition from the retiring app Solebrity and introduction of the new app Chelfie.


The Chelfie app featured a completely new way of interacting with the app using the camera first, rather than a product feed. Because it was launched as an update to it’s retiring app Solebrity, it was important to communicate the change effectively so users would adopt the new app rather than abandon it with the change.

Project Approach

First, we created a logo for Chelfie. The visual brand essence including the color palette and fonts stayed the same as the original app Solebrity. We adopted the same green star from the Solebrity logo and used a whimsical handwriting font to reflect the personal nature of selfies and appeal to the target audience of young Gen Z and Millennial fashionistas.

The Chelfie app is based on taking and sharing selfies so it was essential to design the app to center on the camera functionality. People typically shy away from posting chelfies on social media because feedback wasn’t instant and often met with unwanted comments. Chelfie provides the privacy for users to share their selfies privately with their friends. They can also get inspiration from thousands of influencers and public chelfies.

One of the unique features of Chelfie is that people can shop directly from chelfies that are publicly posted and the lucky person who posted it gets paid a portion of the profit!

We created a quick intro of the new features and helpful in-app tips the first time a user tried a new feature to show how to use it.

Chelfie App Screens
Solebrity App ScreensSolebrity Brand, App & Web Design
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